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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garden Madness

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{This is not my Home}
One day a month ago as I was driving there was a traffic jam so I decided to take a Detour down this street with row houses from the 1920's. Well.......as I was driving I had to slam on my brakes and take a look at this home, so much to see. I had my camera and snapped some pictures. The front lawn was quite tiny but it had so many lil' character statues on it..........then I noticed someone else behind me stop the car and snap away taking pictures.

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  1. Wow it sure has a whole lot of statues in the yard. I bet the kids in the neighborhood just love to walk past that home. Wonder if they have so much on the inside too?

  2. Wow! Someone sure liked statues. Thanks for capturing the yard for us. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.