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Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Garden" Dwarfs

This weekend I put away my Garden "7" Dwarfs........well actually I'm still missing one. It's probably somewhere in the garden behind some bush hiding. I got these at a Yard Sale, the reason I got them was that Snow White as a child was one of my favourite storybook stories.

The lady selling them told me that she brought them over from Germany many years ago and was selling her house and said that they will bring me luck........so I thought why not. Everyone can use Good Luck?

First when I put them out last year my Doggy Teesha [rip] was fascinated by them she would walk around sniffing and sniffing them...........eventually she would knock the bigger ones over with her paw and then later started to chew on them. But gave up after I guess she got bored with them. So........now they are washed and dried an put away nicely and snuggly in a box in the garage; waiting to come out again in the spring.

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