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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Country Store

Today for Outdoor Wednesday I'm showing a small lil' country flower and  garden store....... it is located in Kleinberg a small town outside of Toronto in Ontario. It's really in a big bustling city surrounding it  but this place has kept it's charm. It was a gorgeous spring weekend so we went for a stroll through the town. 

 In them old days they use to tie horses to this throughout the town. 

 Succulents.....I love these lil' plants.

 The front of the store.....

 The store's 'pussy cat'.

 I bought some herbs while I was there......I love to grow my own herbs. That is if "Alvin" the Chipmunk doesn't nibble on them. :-(

 Crab- Apple tree with it's spring blossoms......I have a few large old trees in my yard...This year I just might make some crab apple jam.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Christening Cakes

Christening Cake

Today I'm showing the "BLUE" on the Christening Cakes.....that I was at the celebration lately for two twins.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Rose that travels.....

The Rose that traveled......

This looks like a lonely Rose.......but I'll tell you it is over 60 years old. My Grandfather use to have a farm in Beamsville Ontario in the Niagara region a very long time ago. As a matter of fact this Rose was growing there and they had a whole lot of them lining the driveway. What I mean is that when they moved a couple of years later in the early 1950's this Rose came with them to a new home in the city (Toronto). Then as the years went by and my parents bought and moved around with different homes this Rose came with them.......

Once when my parents sold their home and had to stay in a rental for a few months till the new home was ready ......they couldn't take the Rose with them. So a family friend offered to plant it in their backyard...so it stayed there for 2 years.

After the 2 years my Mom took the Rose back......and it stayed for 30 years in this house. When it was sold I dug this Rose out and have had it since. 

As you can see my husband cut it down..... this year we put in lots of inter-locking and the Rose lost it's space. Now we have found a new home for it.

I hope when my daughter has her first home she will take this Rose and plant it in her garden........silly as it sounds but this Rose brings back memories about my family and some of the homes we have lived in.

It grows beautiful dark jewel like pink colour Roses......I'm not sure the name of the Rose.....but this year I will try and identify it.

You are probably wondering what those lil' pink petals are all around the Rose, well they are from the Crab Apple trees that we have in the back......it was quite windy today so our whole backyard is showered with these pink blossom petals.

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