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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crabapple Trees

 I have a few 'crabapple' trees in my backyard.........they are roughly almost 50 years old.

Every spring we get to enjoy a few days of these gorgoeus breath-taking pink spring flowers. In the summer pretty leaves with the crabapples.

But........in the fall it is very messy and bushels and bushels of crabapples we have to pick up off the ground. Mostly we enjoy it as it is like a buffet for the lil' critters that live in our yard. Every bird that is indigenous to our area flies over for a nibble.......we even have seen a few hawks around also. The squirrels well.... they are very busy there all year round. Most of all the resident Raccoon has all his meals around the crabapple tree daily.........I've also seen "Alvin' the Chipmink running around there but not sure if he or she  munches on them. So I hope you enjoy my photo's of my crabapple trees in my backyard.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Turkey, Cesme, Blue Monday

This is the town of Cesme in Turkey......which means fountain in the Ottoman days because of the many fountains around the city. It is a very popular summer resort area and gets quite populated during the summer season.

 Blue waters.......

 Blue skies....and waters.

 This part of the town is like a small fishing village. Every morning the fisherman bring in their catches of the day and sell them off. Mostly this town has a lot of restaurants and that's from where most buyers are from.
During the summer season this town has thousands of tourists because it has great beaches and lots of great hotel resorts......fabulous daily bazaars, lots of old ruins, great restaurants and night life and antiquities to visit.

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