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Monday, October 26, 2009

"Blue" Evil Eye

Thank you Hostess Sally for hosting "Blue Monday" for some fabulous inspirational ideas and fun!

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Today I'm showing for "BLUE MONDAY" my collection [some of it] The Blue Evil Eye from Turkey. I'm not Turkish but my husband Dogan is. When I made the first visit to Turkey with my husband over 20 years ago I was fascinated by this Evil Eye, I had never seen or heard of it and there it was everywhere........and I mean everywhere. There were little shops and stands just loaded with these trinkets.........so me being a collector I managed to collect a vast amount. Everytime my husband made a visit or me or his relatives came over they added to my Collection. I hope that you enjoy my tour of these blue trinkets.
"Blue"Evil Eye"
Turkish Eye - throughout the centuries it has been believed that the Eye is a protector.

Whether in the office, home, car or on your person, the Turkish eye will protect you from negativity. It is said that any negative wish placed on you will turn to a positive wish through the power of the eye.

Jealousy, fear, anger, along with any other negative emotion will be transformed into positive emotions when the Eye is in place.
In Turkey, all homes display the "Blue" Evil Eye [Nazar Eye] for protection.........it is placed in gardens, windows, cell phones, doors, hanging in most rooms, airplanes, cars and offices, etc...... It is believed to protect both young and old, and bring good luck to those that possess one.

In Turkish it is called The Nazur Boncuk-Turkish ‘Blue”Evil Eye .

In Turkey ,Blue evil eye jewelry and trinkets are particularly common. A nazar or evil eye stone is an amulet from ancient mythology that protects against the evil eye. Colourful beads, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and all manner of decoration may be adorned by this particularly popular symbol. It is said to protect the wearer from misfortune and hexing.

Saly and pepper shakers and a mini vase.

.......a silver tree with lil' evil eyes.

Every morning my husband has his coffee in these mugs.
Assortment of key chains, good luck charms, etc........


The best "Blue" evil eye charms are hand-crafted of blown glass in Turkey, and appear in many shapes and sizes. You'll see them on sale in Turkish bazaars and handicraft shops.

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  1. You have an extensive collection. I love the blue colors, Erica. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Thank you Sally for your sweet note on my post. I also love your Blue carpet that you posted, I will wait to see pictures how it will look in your new home. Happy Blue Monday!!!

  3. I love those shoes, are those vases?

    Here's my first Blue Monday entry.

  4. What a beautiful collection of items you have. I love them all. The blue is such a rich, bright color. I enjoyed seeing some of the lovely things from your country.

  5. wow, I've never seen a collection like this. I've heard of the eye.

    Blessings for your week.

  6. What a marvelous collection. I was thinking as I was looking thruyour post that a peacock feather would also be considered an "evil" eye.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  7. Wow! What an extensive collection of blue you have! I agree with Mary above. These look like th eye on peacock feathers.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. nice figurines.. esp those kinda like boots vase ;) thanks for sharing!

    u may view mine if u have time