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Monday, November 2, 2009

"BLUE MONDAY" in Venice.

Thank you to our wonderful Hostess Sally for hosting "Blue Monday" for some fabulous inspirational ideas and fun! Be sure and see more 'Blue Mondays' and what the other participants are showing at http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/

I have to start off with showing the gorgeous 'blue' sky that we have here this morning on a Fall day.

For Blue Monday today I'm showing a blue and white print [2 1/2' by 3 1/2'] that I have mounted on my kitchen wall. It doesn't show the colour too good here but it is a dark turquoise blue. Every building on here is named.

The reason I have this print up and had to buy was that my husband has promised me a trip to Venice. My most favourite city in the world. I'm still waiting.......in the meantime I can have my meals and just look at the lovely architectural buildings on this print.

Thank you for stopping and I hope you enjoyed my tour.

Don't forget to stop by at http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/

Have a great "BLUE MONDAY"!


  1. Erica, I've been to Venice, and I'll tell you that it's worth the expense. What a fabulous trip we had in 1994. I hope you get to go soon. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. What a wonderful print. You'll recognize every building when you get to Venice. It is a wonderful city. Have a great Blue Monday and enjoy the coming week.

  3. Hi Erica:

    You must get to Venice! I was there in August 1983 during the regatta. The colors of the buildings, the boats, the people, the food is a lasting memory I hope never to forget. I love your print!

  4. Hi, Erica... I love the pictures you shared with us. My cousin is an architect so I always love architectural renderings of buildings, and Venice would be a fun place to visit. Lucky you that your husband is going to take you there!!!

    I hope that the skies are as blue as the one you showed us when you do visit some day.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)