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Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue and Whites

Thank you Hostess Sally for hosting "Blue Monday" for some fabulous inspirational ideas and fun!...

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Today I'm showing a Blue and White pedestal bowl I have and a large plate. I bought these from The Bombay Company a lil' while back. I love that store, they have some very pretty things. I try and stay away from that store when I go to a mall......because more then likely I'll come home with a 'blue and white'.

This is the pedestal bowl, I put a clementine 'mandarin' orange so you could see the size. Those darn clementines, you buy a box full of them. Then you hand them out to the neighbours kids, put in your lunch bags and hand them out at work, eat them while snacking and you look in the refridgerature and WOW! there still is a ton more.

Cloe/up of the pedestal.

Inside the pedestal bowl.

Together with my plate........I usually like to keep this plate with nothing on it, it's so pretty.

Blue and White plate.

Close up of the plate........pretty design.

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I love any comments and hearing from you all. Have a great "Blue Monday"!!!!!!


  1. Good morning Erica, I am also a lover of blue and white dishes... your plate and bowl are wonderful..I like to eat clementines too!! My grand-kids started calling me Baba after they lived in Japan for five years..while their dad worked for Coca-Cola..they told me that the name means Grandma in Japanese... since my name is Barbara... it fits me perfectly..
    Have a great day. hugs, Baba

  2. Hi Erica, Love the pedestal.....It makes a statement. Have a great Monday.


  3. I like The Bombay Company too, but somehow never realized that they sell blue and white. NOW, I have to go back and see for myself! ;-)

    I adore blue and white and that pedestal is fabulous. I'd always display it. The plates are gorgeous too. I love that shade of cobalt blue. Have a Happy Blue Monday, Erica.

  4. THose are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Oh, how lovely! I sure miss Bombay. It was such a great store, and I found blue and white pieces there that I love. Also found a lot of other neat accessories. Yours are really great!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Oh they are both very pretty. I think I like the plate the best.

  7. Your pedestal bowl is gorgeous! I, too, loved the old Bombay stores. I do miss them. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.