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Monday, June 14, 2010

Yellow Flowers in my Garden

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This Lady is overlooking my side of the house. I took this picture in the fall because I have artificial flowers in . In the summer I plant some annuals........but have found in the past that squirrels like to hide their peanut stash in there. So this year I left it with the artifical flowers and so far no one has noticed. The squirrels have even been known to actually dig a flower out and knock it to the ground............

Today I'm showing pictures of two yellow flowers that I have in my garden every year.........Cosmos and Black-Eyed-Susans

I always have Cosmos in my gardens...........some are white, pink and scarlett colour but my favourite is the yellow. The flowers are between 2 -4 inches in diameter...and are either single flowered or double.
They are a herbaceaus perannial flowering plant. They grow anywhere from 3 - 6 feet tall.
The word "COSMOS" is derived from the Greek, which means a "Balanced Universe".
I like to plant them in bunches on a good size area and then when they bloom it looks like a huge bouquet.


These Black-Eyed-Susans I have several bunches in my garden..........I love the yellow tall flowering bouquets that pop out from among my garden. I really should divide them, but every spring I always run out of time or the weather is bad or something else pops up and I just don't get to it.
There are actually 90 varieties of the Black-Eyed-Susan. this flower is best known of the coneflowers, so named because their centers are cone-shaped accentuates the cone........it is also a native plant to most of north America.

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