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Monday, June 21, 2010

Breaded Zucchini

This picture my husband took at a farmer's market in Turkey..........I love those flowers on the zucchini to stuff but he said they usually throw them out and only leave them on for display reasons.
I found that you just can't go and pick which zucchini's you want, you tell the seller how many Kilo's and he will put them in a bag himself. I don't mind as all the produce is just so fresh and almsot blemish free....and everything is set up so nice and neat and that's why I guess they don't want you to touch it to disrupt their displays..

I love 'breaded zucchini'...........even though it is sometimes a bit too fattening I still like to make it once in a while. It's my favourite way of eating zucchini. My husband coming from way back from Turkey likes to take yogurt and 1 garlic clove minced and mix it altogether and use that as a diping sauce for this breaded zucchini. I also love it especially with the garlic.......yummmmmm.

Here are some of the ingredients that I use.......I don't have a set recipe I just wing it as I go along. I have 3 stations.........one for beaten eggs with a splash of water, Italian breadcrumbs combined with Panko crumbs and then I season it with whatever you want [I use Montreal Steak Seasoning], flour. I like Montreal steak seasoning b/c it has so much flavour and then I don't have to season it later. I saw Rachael Ray do this with this seasoning on lots of things and so do I now. It gives a punch to some bland foods.

Sliced thin and ready to be breaded.

First I dredge in flour; then dip into beaten eggs; lastly I put into the bread crumb mixture.

Breaded and ready to saute'. I let them sit in the fridge for about 1 hour so the breading can dry and when I fry them it won't rip off.

........ sauteing on one side.

.......... flipped over to the other side, nice and golden.

Ready to eat, as you can see they are quite browned my husband likes everything 'well done'.
That chive can straight out of my garden, I love chives with sour cream on a baked potato off the barbecue in the summer.

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  1. look delicious. I love this too. I've never made the dip though, shall try.

  2. I've had fried zucchini sliced in strips but never in rounds - and frankly it was cutting all the strips up that put me off as it seemed so fiddly! I like the sound of your seasonings too. Thanks for sharing your recipe - I'll be giving it a try!!

  3. looks totally awesome..a def must try...

  4. Looks good, Erica!

    I found your blog while I was on Contessa's Kitchen and I've added myself as one of your followers.

    Deborah in NC