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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cookbooks, Cookbooks, etc............

One weekend morning my niece Lisa phoned and asked if I was going to be home, that she and her boyfriend Mark were going to stop by. Well to my surprise this is the box that they brought me.........."FULL OF COOKBOOKS". I was so surprised, overly joyful, ecstatic, thrilled, elated, tickled pink, flippant, just can't describe more.
It was better for me then winning the Lottery........well if it was 50 million bucks that would be different.
I love Cookbooks, and especially collecting them.........Mark and Lisa both are foodies and they also got boxes full of books for themselves. They went to some Publishing company 'one day' by invitation only sale.
I still can't believe that they purchased all these cookbooks for me........
All they asked me was to find something in those Cookbooks and make them a dinner and wouldn't except a dime........so I have been skimming through them trying to put a menu together. Probably will have more family members over also, I love preparing feasts especially for family.

Baresfoot Contessa........a favourite of mine.

Ingrid Hoffman and Bobby Flay.

Good old brothers The Deen's.... Paula's sons.

Giada........also a favourite of mine.

Love, love, love Julia Child's. When I lived in NYC I use to watch her show, wow seems like a long, long time ago.

Some great appy's in this book. I adore appetizer's I could eat them instead of a main course.

Great baking recipes and amazing photo's.

Amazing pictures..........

Might have to look here for a recipe for Mark and Lisa have some Italian in them.

Will definetly look into the Cancer fighting Book.

Lots of good recipes that I can use.........and great photo's.

Thank you Lisa and Mark if you are reading this........XOXOXO.


  1. You lucky lady, all great buys.

  2. You're one lucky lady and aren't they just the sweetest -- getting them for you! And you have some amazing cookbooks!

  3. Wow Erica, that is just such a great surprise. I know you will enjoy your new treasures and so will your relatives!

  4. What a wonderful gift. Your niece really put together an amazing selection. Enjoy!


  5. You hit the jackpot, Erica!! What a nice gift :)