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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Market in Turkey.

Market in Turkey

Today I'm showing some pictures that my Sister-in-Law had sent me the other day.....this was on a daily excursion  tour about 30 minutes outside Izmir, Turkey . She usually goes with her friends every week on some excursion....when I go to visit I also usually go on those trips with her also...... they are loads of fun and I get to visit the different Bazaars and Markets.....so different fromm anything here in North America...fresh veggies and fruit and everything is so colorful.. You can actually smell and taste the food like it was intended to taste.

So I hope you enjoy the tour and a thank you for my sister-in0law for sending me these photo's..

 Spices...the aroma as you walk by.

 Lil' woman made her own butter.

 This will be gone at the end of the end....all sold out!.

 Gorgeous flowers ready to be planted.....and so cheap.

 Village ladies come to town to sell their veggies.

 Fresh veggies....

 SIMIT......a Turkish bagel. I think that the Turks can't start their day without one of these bagel like breads. They sell them everywhere!!!! They are a bit bigger then the Jewish bagel we have here but just as yummy.

 All cotton fabrics, because Turkey has lots of cotton. My husband's family were in the Cotton industry for centuries.

In the winter every Turkish woman has one of these shawls, depending if you have central heat or not.

CHICKENS!!!! Guess you have to do your own KFC!!!!

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Thanks for stopping by.......and I hope you enjoyed your tour of Turkey.


  1. Great pics Erica. One of my favourite thing about living in Turkey...markets.

    1. I love those Bazaar markets.....I spend my whole time in them hanging around. Especially the knock-off purses,
      t-shirts and wallets.....I know it's a "no-no" but I love the price and some of them look like the originals.

  2. A fascinating set of photos Erica ( Irene) ...I really enjoyed looking through them. J.

    1. Thanks Janice....my sister-in-law who lives in Izmir sends me her pictures of her daily excursions that she goes on with her friends.

  3. Great photos! I love wandering though those pazarlar.