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Saturday, March 31, 2012



............ this is one of my favourite places to visit. Every spring when the weather gets warmer my husband, daughter and I like to go here for a Sunday afternoon....in the lil' town of Kleinberg. Actually it's suburb of Toronto......and only 20 minutes from my house and that's not even using the highway but plowing through the city. The main street here still keeps its charm and has cute restaurants and boutiques.......so we go for an ice cream or a coffee in one of the outdoor cafe's.......they now have a Starbuck's so we can get our dose of caffeine. it's kind of nice to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and just walk around this peaceful place. I noticed lately it is very busy especially on a warm weekend..... lots of families with kids, some with pricey cars just driving around, and just plain tourists snapping away with their camera's.
On Saturdays there are a lot of wedding parties having their pics taken in and around. Love looking at the different wedding gowns that the brides wear...... dreaming about when my daughter gets married.

 It has one of my favourite restaurants or party facilities, the food is great........ it' called The Doctor's House. It's very cute and quaint. It also has a Chapel which is used for weddings.....

A Historic Glimpse of The Doctor’s House
(source; The Doctor's House website)

Just down the hill from where you now sit is the site of the gristmill whose owner gave Kleinburg its name. In 1847, an Alsatian immigrant, John Klein, built his mill on the banks of the Humber to grind the local settlers’ grain.

In its agricultural heyday, commemorated with the village’s annual Binder Twine festival, Kleinburg’s hotels and harness shops served the needs of the local farmers as well as others passing through on their way to town. Nowadays, Kleinburg is noted as the home of the magnificently sited McMichael Canadian Art Collection and as a village that has sacrificed none of its 19th century charm to the nearby city.

The Doctor’s House itself dates back to 1867, the year of Confederation. It earned its name by being home to a succession of medical men, the last of whom, Dr. Thomas Henry Robinson, practiced here for 52 years.

A new chapter in the house’s history opened when a restaurant was built on the property in 1974. A major rebuilding and expansion program was completed in the spring of 1993. It was at this time that six finely appointed banquet rooms and a chapel were added to the original building.
The hallmark of the Doctor’s House is superb cuisine, elegant ambiance and attentive service.

 In front of the Chapel.

 Chapel steeple.

Entrance to the restaurant.

 Inside the Chapel......

 If the weather is warm.....you can dining here.
 My husband and daughter just relaxing.

 Rolls.....waiting to pick up a Bride.

 Boutique.....had some pretty things for the house. I dared not go inside as I might purchase something that I really don't need.

 Just an old buggy in front of a gift shop.

 The old home of the original settler in Kleinberg.

This Rolls is from the UK.......as you can see the steering wheel is on the right side. How do they 

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  1. Some lovely images here, what an interesting place... does your daughter know of your plans for her ? Have a good weekend . Janice

    1. Janice...know I'm not planning my daughter's wedding. I'm just thinking how it will be one day. I'm the decorator and event planner so she will make me do everything anyways.

  2. I love driving through Kleinburg. Perhaps I will get out and explore next time. Definitely one of those things I need to make time for:)

  3. What a fun spot to visit! That chapel is just beautiful...as is the whole area. Thanks for sharing it with us, Erica :)

  4. Dear Erica ,
    Time ago I drunk tea and got a delicious breakfast in Klaimburg in a place plenty of bunnies, Could you recomend the place giving us the name. It is beautiful. Do you have photos.I love Canada.Mary

  5. The place you are thinking of was called McGregor's House.....with Peter Rabbit. It has since closed a few years ago, already 3 different businesses have opened and closed in that spot. I think it brought business down in that area ever since that place closed...it was always packed. ....had great sweets and teas.