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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 HE'S BACK!!!!! Alvin the Chipmunk.

Since we missed winter in my part of Canada and it's quite spring and summer out this week....we got to sit outside on the front veranda and have our coffee. Watching all the neighbourhood people jogging, walking or just walking their daily dog-walks........and of course our neigbours next door come over so we just sit and chat.

Well I couldn't believe it but the resident Chipmunk was already here.......he usually doesn't  show up till May. I guess with warm temperatures he's out from wherever he slept in the winter. I thought that this year since my husband had the backyard ripped up in the fall and a big chunk was interlocked and some front hedges ripped out and  some interlocking and landscaping done that this Chipmunk would move on.

NO!!! He's back. We were sitting with my husband and he came within inches to our feet and just stared at us with those cute lil' eyes. He doesn't scare away easy.........very bold. Not sure which one is this because sometimes we get 3 of them scurrying around at once....and they all look the same cute guys.

Now don't get me wrong we love these cute lil' guys and they are so adorable......but daily when I wake up and look at my iron urns that are planted with impatiens..............well he manages to dig big holes and chew on the flowers.....Then I have a big gap of a hole in my planter. UGH!!!!! Sometimes even when we are sitting there he comes out and chews right in front of us.

In the backyard he loves doing the same destruction on my herbs that are planted in the pots......then I don't want to pick them for my cooking. I never know where he has been with them lil' paws or what he was doing in my planters filled herbs. :-(

So I guess with all the landscaping and inter-locking done...he's back! I just hope the resident Hawk or Eagle doesn't have him for a snack.....that big bird scares me.

 Sitting on my cherubs head ....... thinking which pot should I attack, dig and chew......

 In the backyard , he was have a rest sitting in the sun on the back of a chair. Scouting where to do more herb damage. When he's on top of the chair he can see higher.

Here he is munching on the peanuts I give the squirrels. I guess he enjoyed them also.

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  1. he does look very very cute ! J.

    1. He's cute...but in the morning when I see what he's done in my urns it's hard to believe a lil guy like that can do so much to a bunch of urns. :-(

  2. He's adorable.. We have one in front and one in back. The front yard fella loves to sit on the top rung of my porch rocker and peek in the window.. So far neither has chewed on any plants but they dearly love gathering all the fallen seeds from the bird feeders.. Sometimes their cheeks are so full it weighs their head down with they try to scamper away , hehehe..

  3. So sweet. Lucky you,being able to take his picture.Thanks for sharing,come and follow me back

  4. What a sweet post, Erica! I don't think we have them in Turkey! But I can see what a pest he is too ... love the photos!