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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Tulips

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I had to post these photo's of these 'red' tulips..........because there is a story behind them.
In my backyard I have this Lilac tree and underneath there is a bunch of these red tulips growing every year. Well for some resaon this particular squirrel rips the tulip heads off. This year I beat him.......and left a few tulips and when I looked the next day the tulip heads were ripped off. It's funny because there are other tulips around but for some reason he targets these..........or he knows that I'm watching him.

I put these into a vase and in a couple of hours when you look through the other photos they have opened up.

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  1. wow! These are beautiful! :) I love tulips!

  2. I love your red tulips, but won't rip the tulip heads off like the squirrel!!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. Beautiful red! I have the same camera as you and I also have it in red ;-)

  4. There must be something about them that the squirrel loves. I don't seem to have that problem, but I do have a lot of grapevine crocus' and apparently squirrels don't like that. Beautiful though they are.

  5. Wow! lots of red flowers...i love it.

    This is indeed great shot and very informative blog.