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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Waters

Thank you Sally for hosting "Blue Monday"at

"Blue" Aegean Sea in Turkey

Last month my husband went to Turkey to visit some relatives and also do business. I didn't go with him this time due to health reasons and our daughter was still in school and I didn't want to leave a 20 year old by herself for a month. These are just some photo's of the gorgeous colours of the Aegean sea.

Cesme, Turkey...........it wasn't too busy there because it's still not warm enough to swim but during the summer months you can't even get a Hotel room. Lots of beaches, hotels, restaurants and beautiful resorts.
We like to go here sometimes when we are there for a Fish dinner. Daily the fisherman catch and bring in fresh fish and the restaurants prepare it for you........so good. With a nice salad, ahhhhh memories.

Izmir, Turkey. This is the city where my husband grew up. It's right on the Aegean Sea.......... he still has a sister who lives here.

Cesme, Turkey.

Cesme, Turkey. Blue waters and blue skies.
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  1. Very nice, Haven't been to Turkey Yet. It looks like a great peaceful setting.

  2. Beautiful photos! Happy Blue Monday.


  3. What a beautiful country, Erika. I hope you get to visit there with your husband next time. Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Thanks for a nice memory of Turkey. I was there a long time ago.

  5. Stunning scenery. Thanks for sharing.