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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red Delivery?

Today I'm participating in
"Ruby Tuesday"

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I love anything red, it has to be one of my favourite colours. I even have a room in my house painted a wagon red and through the years all my sport cars have been a cherry red.

Today i'm showing a picture of a McDonald's delivery "Vespa" with it's brilliant red.
My husband went to Izmir Turkey this spring to visit some family members and business and took a snap shot of this "McDonald's Delivery Bike". He thought I would get a kick out of this.

Even though Izmir is quite a large city everything there is compact.....they have no Drive/in windows or parking lots in front. I remember when I was there in McDonalds their washrooms were on the 4th floor. Phewww that was a climb, but I guess it burned off some calories after having that Big Mac.

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  1. Oh that's funny! McD's delivery...I've heard of pizza deliveries but never fast food. Great find. The delivery container almost looks bigger than the moped itself! LOL.

  2. Very interesting! Love the photo

  3. They deliver Macdonalds! Cute little bike though.

  4. That's a hoot! I love the pictures of your marigolds on your previous post:).



  5. Erica, I never heard of McDonalds' delivery vehicles before! Isn't that interesting? Thanks to your sweetie for making the photo.

  6. Neat bike. I didn't know that some McDonalds deliver!