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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blue Monday Dancing Shoes

Thank you Hostess Sally for hosting "Blue Monday" for some fabulous inspirational ideas and fun!
...Be sure and visit the other participants at http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/

I was thinking what I could put up for Blue Monday and I decided to show my two ceramic shoes. I have actually used them a couple of times as vases with some nice white flowers with a touch of greenery or even just some greeneryand that even looked pretty.
...........in the background are my Polar Bears checking their mailbox with their blue cable knit sweaters. I just love anything with Polar Bears, they are such a beautiful graceful animal.

.......back view.

........front view.

My kitchen has a blue and white theme going through it and this Benjamina Plant sits in a corner and this year I put some blue ornaments on it with blue lights. At night when you light it up it glows this beautiful blue across the walls. I haven't quite finished it, but thought I would take a picture and show you it almost done.

Here are my two Polar Bears looking to get their mail. In their cable knit sweaters.

Be sure and visit the other participants and see what everyone is up to.


  1. Oooooo,I love the little shoes. They are simply gorgeous...and the way you've done the plant is so pretty. Little bears look so cuddly is their sweaters...it's such a pretty post.

  2. I so love those shoes!

    My Blue Monday

    PS.. following your blog now dearest.

  3. Great collection, mine is up now too.

    I just followed your blog..

  4. Erica, this morning you have given me sugar candy for my eyes! I love, love, love those shoes, and I've never seen any quite like them.

    Your bears are darling too, and the blue ficus tree is cute. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. I never seen the likes of those shoes before. They are lovely. You must treasure them. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  6. OMG... I missed the blue shoes, how cool and elegant.
    I bet they look stunning with some flowers in them!!
    Happy Blue Monday again
    Love Claudie

  7. love those shoes! wish i could wear those :)

    u may view mine here

  8. Love the shoes and the Polar bears.
    Happy Blue Monday!