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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oriental Mall

Thank you to Susan for hosting "OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY".

Today for my Outdoor Wednesday I'm showing a Chinatown Mall that we have here in Toronto. We actully have a large Asian community so this was one mall I went to was in the burbs, west of Toronto called Mississauga. We also have one in the north end of the city which is quite large and one downtown which I ended up not going because it is overcrowded and NO parking.

The reason I went was that I needed to buy these lil' 2 bucks a pair slippers. I like wearing them around the house. They are extremely light and usually through the year I go throught about 6 pairs. The only place I can get them is in Chinatown.

This is the entrance to the Mall. I was trying to take shots from the car thats why they are not so clear........and I was using my lil' pocket camera.

This is on a wall of a building, the colours are a beautiful blue turquoise and it is dimensional with the design and spans across a large building. It seems to be somekind of tile work. In the sumertime when the sun shines on it, it is breathtaking with those colours.

These three statues were right in front where I parked my car.......they were about 5' feet tall. I'm sure that each one symbolizes something but i'm not quite sure what?

I guess this is just a Gazebo.......I noticed in the summertime lots of tourists are snapping away at pictures here.

Pond and rock formation [ststue] beside the Gazebo.

This is a piece of a rock statue done by some artist beside the pond.

Corner in the mall.

This is at the Exit.............if you double click you might be able to read it. Sorry but I was hanging out the window trying to get a picture. Couldn't stop because my husband told me there are a lot of cars behind us.

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  1. What a great looking mall! The buildings are so ornate. I'm sure it's a fun place to visit.

  2. What fascinating architecture! I enjoyed seeing this so much. I particularly like the gazebo. This must be the day for architecture. My Outdoor Wed. post is on Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings on a college campus. Speaking of which...

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  3. What a nice looking Chinatown! But where are the slippers? I want to see them, too!

  4. Your photos were like a mini tour of China town and I enjoyed every landmark you shared with us. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  5. Enjoyed your tour of China town. A most interesting place. You did a super job putting all this together. Happy you had time for a visit to me place today.

  6. Wow what a beautiful building. I bet those snakes are outstanding with the sun shining on them. Great post