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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chalkware Figurine Ladies

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Chalkware Figurine Ladies

These are my 2 Chalkware Ladies.......they are my favourite two pieces. I have them on the front of this 19th century French Canadian cabinet.
I believe that they were made to give away as prizes at Carnivals, circuses, etc.......in them old days.

One day I was at this Flea Market outside the city and there was a booth with this real mess of a set/up. Nothing was put nicely or on shelves. This poor man had everything in these big bins just piled up high. These are my favourite type of dealers........I think becuase of the 'hunt' for something special. Well to make a long story short I saw this lil' face peeking amongst the junk and I pulled her out and fell in love with her. The junk dealer said there is another one someplace.........so we went through the bins and voila! I found her twin.

The junk man told me he would ask normally $20.00 for each but since I was so excited by them he gave them to me both for $5.............wow! I thought that was a good deal.

One Lady with her Russian Wolfhound dog.

Here are two close/ups of each chalkware lady........they are a lil' chipped but I guess with years of handling it happens.

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  1. What lovely ladies! I can see why you think they are so special! And what a bargain! Which makes them even more special!

  2. These are a reminder of my past - someone I knew as a child had similar figurines...isn't it funny how something can spark a memory so quickly!! Happy holidays and thanks for visiting Pandora's Box

  3. The chalkware figurines are beautiful. How wonderful you found a matching pair and you definitely can't beat the price!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. It is just remarkable that they look as good as they do. I had a dog which belonged to my grandparents. An Aunt had patched it for me. I used to have it as a doorstop but after moving so many times, it has disappeared.
    Mama Bear