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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Applewood Homestead or Shaver House

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Today I chose to show for Outdoor Wednesday this old house in the city in a park like setting ............ I love this home. I went last week to this home because it held a Christmas Past Fair. I go every year and buy some handcrafted Christmas ornaments. But mostly what I remember of this home is that I got married here about 22 years ago. We rented the home for the whole day and said our vows. In 3 years we will do our 25th Wedding Anniversary here with all our friends and family.

Inside they have really gorgeous Victorian furniture and most of it is original. I didn't get to take any inside pictures, it was very, very crowded and almost everyone was walking single file one after another. So, I think I would have not been able to get any good snapshots.

History of the house;
Peter Shaver, was the builder of the house. The eighth child of William and Mary Catherine Schaeffer, he was born in Ancaster, Ontario in 1809. It is believed that the children of William and Mary anglicized the family name to Shaver. It is not known exactly when he came to Etobicoke [ a suburb of Toronto], however, with one of the first land deeds for the area, 21 year old Peter purchased 100 acres to farm. It was a rather primitive part of Ontario, for all that existed were fields of black walnut trees. Two years later he would marry Esther Vansickle, whose ancestors had come from the Netherlands. They had six children.
Peter Shaver who was the grandfather of James Shaver Woodsworth, founder of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and a leader in social reform. It is interesting to note that the house remained in the same family from the time it was built until its relocation.

Front of the house, in the summer time they have beaytiful flowers all planted around and an apple orchard surrounding the property.

Side view.

Side of the house where the kitchen has a walk out.

I guess if you wanted some water in the old days you had to venture out here to the well.

Birdie Home.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of this Old Home..................... 'The Applewood Homestead" in the City of Toronto.

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  1. What a lovely place to be married in. Thanks for sharing the history. Hopefully in three years, we'll get to see some pics of the inside.

  2. I love your choice of this old house for your post this week....I'm soooooooo into history, especially our family history and I have some photos of old homes that the owners are ancestors of my hubby....gives me ideas for future Outdoor Wednesdays.....LOL
    Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  3. Thank you for taking us on this tour with you. I'm a bit of a history nut, so I enjoy seeing historic homes. And it's so special that you got married there! :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Erica, first thank you for your kind words! I'm delighted that you're enjoying my blog and the recipes. I'm so far away from home that keeping with tradition takes me closer to my family...
    You've got nice blog here too. Great post about the house, nice piece of history and some memories...
    Cheers! Anula.

  5. What a lovely post! The old house is so interesting and really looks very modern for its age. I've only been to Toronto once, many years ago, but enjoyed the visit very much - I remember there were so many wonderful book stores back then. Great Outdoor Wednesday story.

  6. What a wonderful old house. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday and looking forward to the holidays ahead.

  7. Very interesting. The house doesn't look that old, does it. It was very well taken care of.
    Mama Bear