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Saturday, September 7, 2013


This was my first hour I was in Paris...........We flew all night and I didn't sleep but hey who could??? I was so excited to be coming to Paris for a week...it has been a long time dream. I finally  had made it here. This was just a minute walk to this bridge from our hotel and I could see the NOTRE DAME.  
The day was kind of gloomy and it looked like rain was going to be settling in but I guess I didn't care because I was in Paris. ...they could have had a typhoon and I wouldn't notice.

This was a good time also to be visiting the Notre Dame because it was it's 850th year so it was kind of exciting as they had all these festivities this year...and I was lucky to be at this amazing church on its anniversary.

We didn't have to stand in line to long to get inside...but it was long enough, but moved quickly. It was amazingly beautiful in there but quite dark and gloomy inside....none the less just gorgeous with the different works of art, statues and paintings along with beautiful carvings. I had to take a deep breath to soak all this beauty in......I remember studying it in high school.

When I wandered around I thought to myself how it could have been hundreds of years ago and what the people use to look like and what were they doing...and that I was actually there.

 The old original cobble stone road in front.....if only the road could talk.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my tour of the facade of the Notre Dame.
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  1. what an exciting trip for you! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Christine...thank you for stopping by. have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Erica, I'm so jealous. I'd love to be there with you. Thanks for taking me along.

    1. Irene...thanks for stopping by, today looks like a wet day so maybe you can catch up on some reading. I'll try but we still have workers here in the basement for the flood work. :-( and the banging distracts me from reading.

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