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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Icy Niagara Falls

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This picture was taken exactly a week ago of Niagara Falls when we went over the border to Niagara Falls and Buffalo to do some shopping. This picture I took going over the Bridge to U.S.A....It is still icy, with all those chunks of ice floating around. When it is real cold the sight of more ice and snow it look amazing.
To the right is the Canadian side with all the Hotels.

This is the New York state side.....

Can you see all the people standing looking down at the Falls on the left corner....sure must be cold. Becuase that day it was pouring rain and windy.

Here we are in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side just before we hit the US border bridge and we were passing Planet Hollywood.

My fav chocolate Bar........yummmm.

Sure is one big Hershey Kiss.........on top of this building. This would last me a whole day of eating it.

See the Royal Canadian Mounted Police standing there. In the summer there is a Line/up to stand and take a photo beside him.
A main street before we turn left on the Bridge to cross over.
We love to go over the Border to shop.......even though I live in a bigger city and we have lots more Malls to shop and the same stores but Buffalo prices are so much better..... really it feels like a mini/vacation when we go over for a day or two.
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  1. What a beautiful place!

    Have a peek of our Outdoor Adventure, happy St. Patrick's day!

  2. Fond memories of Niagara Falls -- our daughter lived there for 3 years and we loved going to the falls and then up into Canada and the ice wine trail!

  3. Wonderful photos!!~ I am a former Buffalo girl myself. Going over the border to see the Falls was a monthly event for us. Do you remember Crystal Beach? Awwww...what fond memories!~ P.S. Toronto is an awesome city, we loved it there!~

  4. I went to Niagra many years ago but have never seen it in the snow... amazing!

  5. Yes, I border shop too! I was in Monroe Michigan a fee days ago, but found it expensive!

  6. Wow. Great scenes! Been to Canada but I haven't seen it yet.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Outdoor Wed.

  7. Debbie.....When I was younger we use to go to Crysatl Beach, a Blast form the Past!

    Thank you everyone for your comments!!!

  8. Great shots Erica! Love the chocolate bar! I have never been to Niagara Falls but would love to visit some day. Thank you for the tour!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Fabulous photos!

    -jackie. xo

  10. I just found your blog, Erica! So fun...off to read some more :)