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Sunday, June 23, 2013

ROME, Hotel Tour.

This is my Hotel Tour while we were in Rome about a month ago.......where my husband and daughter and I stayed.. we had been in Paris, Izmir and Istanbul for over a month and this was our last stop before heading home. This was actually our 25th wedding anniversary gift and also for my daughter for graduating University.

Who would have thought that 25 years had passed.....my husband and I met and got married in 2 months. Most of my friends thought this wouldn't last but it did. 

We had never been in Rome before so a Travel Agent found a hotel for us but when I googled the streets it kind of looked very quiet.....and coming back to the Hotel in the evenings I wasn't sure if safe or not. On the images it looked quite dead. So...every morning I would get up early and start googling Hotels.....and there in The Piazza della Rotunda was the Pantheon and I knew that Raphael was buried there and he is one of my most favourite artists so I chose this Hotel. Sounds weird but hey life is short to be to serious.

Soon as we got to the Hotel from the airport and being extremely tired for we were in Istanbul for a week, visiting and touring....we dropped our suitcases and headed out the door to the Pantheon.....which was always a dream to visit.....it was amazing and more fabulous then I envisioned it to be and was very big in size. But so crowded, didn't matter for I went inside a few times and got to see more each time.

This Hotel Albergo del Senato was absolutely fabulous where we stayed, small but luxurious and the service was amazing. The Piazza in front was amazingly busy with huge crowds daily and quite noisy....with tourists and photo snapping..... .all over the Piazza. lots of cafes in front and around the lil' winding streets. 

 Marble staircase.....gorgeous red colour carpet.

  BLUE Balloons....for Monday Blues.

 A group of people with the balloons I guess so they will stay together........when they were inside the Pantheon they were doing cheers  which was forbidden. Reason being is that you are supposed to be silent inside being a sacred place...the announcer kept telling them to please be silent...but they kept cheering. Some people have no respect...I'm sure they understood the language as he said it in  a few languages to make sure everyone understood.

 The Hotel.....

 Sitting in front of the Hotel admiring the view of The Pantheon. This was still early so it wasn't too crowded.

 The Pantheon Fountain and Egyptian Obelisk.

 Rainy morning before 7am.....no tourists yet.

 Drinks at the Hotel....


  Breakfast area....service and food were great.

 Big washroom for the size of the hotel room itself.

 Three beds....for my husband, daughter and I..... mattress was comfy.


 Outside our Hotel window with The Pantheon to the right....not sure what that lil' doggy house is there on the roof which this would be the 3rd floor. This building is from the 1700's I was told.

 Shrubs growing on top of building.....from the 1700's. Not sure if anyone lives there or not..... looked abandoned.

 Refreshment center.....

 Outside the window in our hotel room.

My husband taking a nap.

Tanks for stopping by for my Hotel Tour....and hope you enjoyed it... :-)

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and I will follow your Blog.

  2. What a great tour, love the bushes on the roof top.

    1. Irene....hehehe that was like my favourite view looking out the window.It was a strange and eerie looking building.

  3. I well remember Piazza della Rotunda. I was fascinated by the myriad of motifs within the Pantheon, and I loved to street artists market nearby. Your hotel looks fabulous. Your trip sounds amazing! Congratulations on the anniversary and graduation. Cherry Kay

  4. We have something else in common: Johnny and I married after knowing each other for two months and four days! We will celebrate our 55th anniversary this coming July 7th.

    And, we've been to Rome! On a previous anniversary! Loved it--just like you.

    Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday, Erica.

  5. Great pics! I played too. Mine are here and here.

  6. I'm so happy that these pics look just like I remember Rome from 1980.

  7. Woooh, this looks like the daydream of a hotel! just incredible! Marble, antique furniture, just great. Where did you find it? On trivago and similar travel sites ore by research right at the place. However, great impressions.

  8. Like BtoB I am delighted that the images you have shown, show Rome hasn't changed much ! The hotel looks lovely, and those Roman ruins are always such a sight to behold and wonder at. Jx

  9. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. I loved the Pantheon. Just couldn't believe how old it was and still in such good condition. What a great place to stay and so convenient for many of Rome's wondrous sights.

  11. Great shots and that hotel looks just delightful!

  12. Looks like a great trip with a great hotel choice. I was also in Rome recently and posted quite a few posts about it on my blog. You are welcome to check it out: