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Monday, June 17, 2013


NOTRE-DAME is celebrating 850 years this year.
A large 13 metre (43 foot) high "BLUE" structure rises up in front of the cathedral for the 850th anniversary   of Notre-Dame. This structure will stand for a year.

The history of the cathedral began in 1113.......it is the jewel of Gothic Architecture.

A couple of months ago my husband, daughter and I went to Paris........it was our 25th wedding anniversary to each other. This was a dream for me to see Paris, for I love anything that says Paris.
We were fortunate to stay in a Hotel right across the street from the Notre-Dame. Soon as we got to the Hotel we unloaded the suitcases and went to see this Cathedral........it was more amazing and beautiful then I ever envisioned it.
Even though we were tired from our long airplane trip to get there we still milled around the cathedral for a couple of hours......it was absolutely breath taking inside with all the statues and carvings and chandeliers. Except I thought of it as very dark inside.

 The Cathedral and the Seine River.

 BLUE structure in front.....you could walk up and  on top was a seating area for the festivities that were going to be scheduled......then you could get a better view of the Cathedral.

The alter inside.......

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  1. That is such a beautiful church, love the entrances and the altar

  2. My one and only trip to Paris many years ago was interesting, but I really did not care for it.

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots of this wonderful cathedral.

    Happy Blue Monday, Erica.

  4. Great shots of an amazing piece of architecture Erica. Paris sure is a fascinating city and I'd love to revisit. Thanks for sharing

  5. Beautiful place and I bet it was amazing to see. Happy Blue Monday. I love your dog, so pretty.

  6. Beautiful captures. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  7. Some wonderful shots Erica, Notre Dame cannot fail to impress. How lucky you were to stay in a hotel so close. I do worry about the comments from your follower LV....how incredibly sad that she did not enjoy her Paris trip...I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who didn't love the place, and I am so pleased that you loved it and it came up to your expectations. Jx