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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Just look at the Blues here painted on the side of the building.
This shop has been here located in Toronto for decades.....I can still remember when I was in high school. They make the best "Pastizzi" in town....it is a Maltese favourite food item. This whole area has a Maltese Church, stores and coffee shops........
We have an apartment building around here that we rent out so when we visit the tenants we have to pass by and it is so hard not to stop by and have a few......especially when my husband is with me. He always stops.


source; Wikipedia

A pastizzi  is a savoury pastry from Malta. Pastizzi usually have a filling either of ricotta or of mushy peas, and are called pastizzi tal-irkotta, "cheesecakes", or pastizzi tal-pi┼╝elli, "peacakes".

 Pastizzi are a popular and well-known Maltese food.

Pastizzi are usually diamond-shaped or round-shaped and made of filo pastry. 

I'm not supposed to eat these because I'm on a diet.....but I couldn't resist and took a bite from my husband's pastizzi, you can see my red lipstick mark.

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  1. I had not heard of these delicious sounding treats before. Yum, and the building is painted a pretty blue, I agree.

    1. This is the only place that I know of also that make these treats....they sure are crispy and yummy.

  2. Like a cross between a borek and a cornish pasty. I haven't heard of Pastizzi before. I must have had my eyes closed when `i spent a couple of months in Malta.

  3. That's right you got it right on the button...my husband likes them because they are almost like a borek......I never been to Malta, must be beautiful there. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You've got more will power than me. I'd have chomped away and regretted later.

    That mural is so blue-tiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Erica.

  5. Sally...sometimes I don't have any will power. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Wow,now I am very hungry for a pastry.

  7. That looks so delicious!

    My BLUE
    Your comment is always a delight to read.