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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hostas in my garden.


These are assorted "Hostas" in my husband's garden.....he takes care of them all summer. Watering and fertilizing them.....this year he was lucky because there were no slugs anywhere to be seen. Over the years they have managed to eat all the leaves up on most of the Hostas......which didn't look pretty. 
Tried everything from Home Depot, but finally after collecting them and dumping them down the sewer they have disappeared. Now they provide a home for the pesky and annoying Alvin the Chipmunk. So far he's been good, doesn't like too munch on the Hostas...but the impatients and parsley he loves.

 My lil' neighbour Mako gave me these this year so I replanted them under the Mulberry tree. She's getting on in her years and gave me her last Hostas as she can't look after them anymore too much.

 Thank you for stopping by...much appreciated.

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  1. Love the Hostas. I plan to have plenty of them after I move. They make gardens looks so green and pretty :-)

  2. Hi Terie....Thanks for stopping by. I also love Hostas, they make the garden so green and lush.

  3. Congratulations on the hostas. When I lived in England I only succeeded in growing slugs. Too hot for hostas in Bodrum so I appreciate your photos.