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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Animals at The "EX".

Here I am once again at The "EX"......CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) in Toronto a year later. 
The CNE is North America's 7th largest annual Fair.........every year it starts 18 days before Labour Day. It was started in 1879......and since I've been 2 years old I haven't missed a year. Okay we won't go into how many years I've actually been going though .

The Animal building is one of my favourites.....last year I missed coming here to this building due to we were tired and it was way across the whole Fair...which is quite a distance. But this year there was an Express Train going through so we caught one of those and took a ride around the whole fair for about 20 minutes, which was a treat because my feet after 9 hours of shleping around were not 'happy feet'. My Dad (RIP) had a great love for all animals and I think that he had taught me that. When we were lil' my great Uncle had a farm with these vicious dogs tied up and would tear you up in a flash, but my Dad would go up and pet them and they would always remember him...he had this special magic touch with animals...and not too mention all the dogs we had growing up which nobody wanted.

Some of the animals were just sitting there and staring and I thought to myself I wonder what they are thinking. Probably why are all these people walking around staring at us....and snapping pictures like me.
My favourite was this horse.....it was quite warm and humid in this huge building and in front of the horse was a big tall fan. So the whole time this horse stood in front of the fan.....if I did that for hours I would get such a bad headache no kidding. Anyways this horse understands when you talk to him.....some people were talking to him and he just stood there. I came up and asked 'do you want some sugar, sugar? " and his ears perked up and nostrils opened up and started to move around.....so I told my daughter lets leave before he chases me down for that lump of sugar which I don't have on me. YIKES!!!! I figure that his owners probably give him some sugar because he sure understood when I mention the word 'sugar' to him.

 My husband is Turkish and is from Turkey.....I always bug him that these are his 'relatives'.

 My husband......admiring a cow. :-)

 The horse who wanted that lump of sugar.

 Bees......busy making honey from Ontario. So yummy.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my post.


  1. I haven't gotten to the EX yet, I have company and thought they would like to go, but alas they have other plans. so I may venture out with my son one day when he is off work. I like the animal building too. Your horse story is funny, and how does your husband deal with his "relatives". Does he feel like a cannibal? He's way too handsome to be related to those guys.

  2. Hi Irene.....thanks for your nice comments. I'm still going to go to the Ex a 3rd time....after 5 pm sometime as it will be 5 bucks a person....need to look around the International building.

  3. I miss going to fairs with animals - (here it's just boats or hotel fairs). There are always interesting people to talk to on animal stands.