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Monday, February 20, 2012


Today we are celebrating Happy Family Day!!!!

This is a fairly new statutary holiday that we are celebrating.....South of the border it is President's Day.

I found this funny because on the evening news they were asking people about this Happy Family Day and nobody seemed to know what it was for and some had even forgot this was a long weekend. I guess their jobs don't require to be closed or have any kids that are to stay home from school.

Family Day is the third Monday of February and observed as a public (or statutory) holiday in the three Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. (Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day and it's Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.)

In 2012, Family Day falls on Monday, February 20.

Most workers, public or private, are entitled to take statutory holidays off with regular pay. Some businesses remain open on holidays, such as medical clinics and some stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

  • Banks, schools, and provincial government offices are closed.
  • Public transportation may run on holiday schedule.
  • Tourist attractions, stores and restaurants in designated tourist areas, movie theatres, live performance theatres, many museums, galleries and other family-friendly attractions are open.

  • To all who is celebrating "HAPPY FAMILY DAY"!!!!!


    1. Hi Erica ( Irene)
      I'm fascinated by this, first time I've ever heard of it. It sounds like a good idea. I love your photos and illustrations.... gorgeous.

    2. I think we need more Family Days than President's.

    3. I'm all for more public holidays and this is certainly a good one!