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Sunday, February 19, 2012


These two Bunnies have a job...that's right they are working Bunnies.

In Istanbul these Bunnies can be found in some more touristy areas on the corners. You pay the lil' man a handful of Turkish Lira and the Bunny will pull out a piece of paper with your 'fortune' on it. These Bunnies  are  Fortune- Tellers- Bunnies.

There is a board with all sorts of lil' folded papers and the Bunnies will sniff around and pull one out for you. These Bunnies are quite well trained. It's not the man who will tell you the fortune but the Bunnies.

You can see the man holding a piece of paper, it was my daughter's fortune that the Bunny had pulled out. It was in Turkish, but we were lucky my husband was there so he translated it for us. Can't remember what the fortune was though????

These Bunnies in no way are abused...they are well fed I noticed with fresh lettuce and have this comfy cage to go home in. Nice and clean.....

Today I'm showing a BLUE shirt for Blue Monday.

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  1. Hey those bunnies sound like they have a cushy gig. What was your daughter's fortune? Oh wait, I see you said you didn't recall. I am sure it was a happy fortune.

  2. Interesting!I have never seen fortune teller bunnies before. Do you live in Turkey? I have been to Istambul and theplace where the Virgin Mary lives. Beautiful country!..Christine

    1. Hi Christine....I don't live in Istanbul. My husband is from there, we live in Toronto. Yes I've been to where the Virgin Mary lives..... hated the road going up and up though.

  3. I never heard of a fortune-telling bunny.

    I like that blue shirt.

    Happy Blue Monday, Erica. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  4. Delightful!

    Please come by when you get a chance and see my BLUE, have a great week.

  5. that is so cool! but i wonder if the messages are all the same? so it doesnt matter what the bunnies pick? hehe.. just thinking.
    thanks for visiting my Blue!