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Monday, June 27, 2011

Turkish Blue Eye.


A nazar, lucky eye or evil eye stone (in Turkish it is called a nazar boncuğu) is an amulet that is meant to protect against the evil eye ("evil eye", from nazar and "amulet" from boncuğu). It is most common in Turkey.

In Turkey it is in every  home, on jewellery, including for babies, on vehicles, doors, horses and even cell phones. The evil eye comes in different shapes and sizes. When I visit Turkey I've never seen a home without one.......also it is the most bought and taken home souvenir for tourists. I have a vast collection at home.....myself.  

This picture I'm showing today is from the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)  in Toronto. It is my favourite Fair and I've every year since I was a kid.......they have this big shopping center in this building where you can purchase 'stuff' from around the world....this happened to be in the Turkish booth. I'm excited because the CNE is opening up in August this summer.

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  1. We have a couple in our home too -- yes, one was brought from Turkey as a souvenir by a friend. The other I bought at a Turkish merchandise cart that was set up at West Edmonton Mall for a short while.

    P.S. Love that photo -- so pretty with all that blue!

  2. Hello Irina,
    Wow, that's an interesting piece of Turkish culture. I didn't know about Turkish "evil eye" before.