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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I haven't been Blogging because I had a Hernia Surgery. This was my second time. The first time was about 20 years ago and unfortunately it came back so this time they were doing it Lapriscopically but came into some complications so I ended up with a big surgical cut on top of the Laproscopic holes that they poked into me.........and on top of all this band I have to wear this big band around me like a huge elastic, very uncomfortable and sometimes itchy. I know I should stop whining things could be worse.

Making this a very painful healing time for me...............it's been about 10 days and I'm getting very bored hanging around the house as I can't do anything physically due to pain and I don't want to re/arrange something in that operation area. I can't even go shopping yet..........well I mean to the supermarkt as I yet can't handle any Malls.

..............but I've managed to do some cooking and baking these last couple of days. I love cooking and baking it relaxes me. My husband and daughter help with the prep work and cleaning. Did I mention that I love that my husband cleans the kitchen, and it's funny he tells me to rinse the glass and put it away or don't use too much cutlery as he will be cleaning the kitchen all day..........I hope that now he will understand me. So I feel like a Princess now with him doing most of the work. Don't get me wrong he did help before but it was kind of when he felt like it, and I know after this all will be forgotten for him. Men.....Ugh!

Well thanks for listening to my story and some whining.........hopefully with spring in the air I can go out and take some pictures for future Blogs............


  1. Oh my..I so hope the healing process goes by quickly for you and that the pain is controlled as much as possible.I'm happy you have help,but I know it's hard ..just the having to sit about and not being able to be out and about.
    Get well soon..a hug from Texas..CC

  2. Feel Better Erica...
    It is so hard to be down and not able to do much...rest and recover as best you can!

  3. Take it nice and slow Erica and feel well soon! Big (((hugs)))!