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Sunday, November 24, 2013


These Department store (The Bay in Toronto) windows bring me memories and a Christmas tradition ever since I was a kid.......Every year my parents would put us in the car and we would drive into downtown Toronto into the business section.  The windows were amazing and looked so realistic especially when you are a young age......I always waited every year and was overly excited as we would drive down that Sunday night to see those decorated windows. They change them yearly....... As I got older  my friends and I would just take the Subway and go ourselves on a Saturday afternoon and while there shop away.

Then I started the tradition with my daughter and now that she's older she goes herself.....  these days just my husband and I drive out to take a look.

 Wearing The Hudson's Bay jackets......

 Love the little Elves working away......

 Almost midnight.....

 Christmas Carolers.....

 Wouldn't mind having that tree in my home....

 little mice...so cute.

 Santa Claus having dinner before his tradition of delivering presents.

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  1. The window displays are lovely! We have the tradition of taking an evening and driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights and displays :)

    1. We also still pile into a car and a couple of Sunday nights drive around looking at Christmas lights all around the city.....thanks you for stopping by.

  2. I've visited that window every year too, I actually had the privileged of working on one, some 28years ago. Aren't some people clever to come up with a different idea every year. Stop in and have a warm drink when you're down there.

    1. Hi Irene...oh that's great that you got a chance to work on them. Was it Simpson's still???? Do you remember when it was the Simpson's store and in the basement they had that restaurant with the long bars where you could go and have a drink???

  3. Lovely windows - I have almost forgotten that Christmas is so close as there's nothing to remind me here in the village.

    1. I would miss the decorations and lights in Turkey during this Holiday and ususlly I never go at that time...but lately I noticed in the Istanbul's Malls and some in Izmir also decked out for the Holidays....but I think it's more for the New Year but it sure looks Christmassy to me.

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  5. Hi Erica,
    We always take a ride and see the Christmas lights, but these windows are so extra fine. The details...

    As soon as I leave this comment, I'll put your photo in.

    Have a good Blue Monday.