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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow in Niagara Falls

"Happy White Wednesday"........ Today I'm sharing some "white" snow or I should say ice in Niagara Falls. You have to see it in person it looks amazing. This year there is not too much snow, I guess due to Global warming........Sometimes when there is fresh snow and it's clinging to the branches and rocks the whole place look like you are in an Ice World, so beautiful with the sparkling ice.
These pictures were taken on the Rainbow Bridge crossing the border into Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. The right side is the Canadian side....there is a lot more to see on that side. Not because I'm Canadian but trust me there is way lots to do and see.

 The left is the USA side.

 See the people on that bridge.....they must be brave because it is absolutely freezing standing there with the wind blowing and minus temperatures.

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  1. It is really cold in Niagara, but beautiful. I haven't been to the U.S.A. side since I was a little girl. Maybe next time. Thanks.

  2. Hi Irene.....we always go to Niagara Falls to the US side to shop and Buffalo. Same stores like we have in the GTA but the prices are better.

  3. Ooh it really does look cold. Mr A is in Istanbul at the moment complaining about the snow...whereas here the sun is shining today!

    1. Hi Linda...Glad Mr. A is in Istanbul and got the job....my husband still can't get use to the snow here when we get it.
      Love your doggy pic.

  4. It looks spectacular, and I wish we had the snow!

  5. Makes me feel cold just looking at these pictures