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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving

These scarecrow buddies come out every year for Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving Table for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Killer bars........they are so addictive.

Some of Thanksgiving foods at the farmer's market........love when this time of seasons comes around.

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  1. Happy Thanks Giving!! Wonderful pictures:)

  2. Erica,

    Wow........what a spread! Everything looks delicious and oh so colorful. I have similar Thanksgiving dishes........are those Johnson Brothers?

    I love your blog and photography! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Listochek (little leaf) for your nice comment.

    Hilary....Thank you for your kind words. I now take most of my photo's with my IPhone, my DH keeps nagging me why I needed to buy all those other camera's. But who knew the IPhone would be so good in taking some photo's.

  4. Hi, what a lovely fall post. The photo's of your thanksgiving meal look delicious and I love the pumpkins.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving -- I think you Canadians have the right idea -- Thanksgiving in October when you can enjoy it as a holiday and then enjoy Christmas as a holiday in december rather than the mad rush we Americans do with Thanksgiving and Christmas and then January and boredom!!!!

    Lovely pictures!

  6. Riet....Thanks you for your kind comment.

    Martha...I hear that from so many of my American friends that they are rushed for two big Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas....b/c here usually after Halloween the Christmas decor comes out.

  7. Yum! Your Thanksgiving menu looks so delicious! Love your decor too...Christine

  8. Thanks Christine...your decor is amazing.

  9. What a splendid Thanksgiving table you set! Lovely photos!

  10. Thank you seasonal cook...I always enjoy your blog and recipes.

  11. No wonder your house is ALWAYS the place to be on the holidays! What a gorgeous feast, Erica!!

    Miss Lambeau is fine...her joints are stiff, but she still acts like a pup at meal times. She will be 12 years old on Friday! You're so sweet to ask.

  12. Thanks Lizzy......for your nice comments.

    Glad Miss Lambeau acts like a pup, I too have stiff joints. LOL.

  13. lots of yummy foods! this is one of my weakness...food and food and more food..lol!

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