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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs

Wishing eveyone a very "HAPPY EASTER"

Here I am all set up ready to colour my 6 dozen eggs..........yes 6 dozen. Seems like a lot but I hand them out to family members.........and then we have them for Easter dinner. We also take an Easter basket to church with eggs, ham, butter, salt, horseradish, Paska (Easter Bread)....to be blessed.........every year a few hundred people show up all with their baskets. Then on Easter Sunday morning the family gathers together for breakfast and we eat the contents of the basket. One of my sister in laws is Polish and she also does the same tradition.....so we all come together. After we have the big easter dinner with the works.
One day at this time of year I would like to visit the Ukraine which I've never been to. To see how Easter is celebrated there.........but being 3rd generation Canadian we still keep some traditions.


Every Easter since I can remember I have coloured Easter eggs...........I'm of a Ukrainian background and it is very important tradition to colour eggs.

This tradition is very old and its beginnings reach back to antiquity. During ancient times people developed all sorts of myths which the egg perceived as the source of life.......like the universe and the sun.

All though many similar myths are found in many cultures of the world......Ukrainians today are one of the few groups of people who still strongly adhere to many of the ancient traditions associated with the Easter Egg.

Coloured and drying...then put out nicely.

These are hard boiled eggs with a sleeve that adheres when put into boiling water.

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  1. Happy Easter, Erica!!! Your eggs are just fabulous...and I love those eggs with the "sleeves." xoxo

  2. Whoa, Nelly! I would love to know more about the sleeves for the eggs, please. Is there a source where these can be purchased? They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful traditions. Have a blessed Easter. Cherry Kay

  3. Your very good at this. I just do a dozen or so, my kids don't eat eggs so it's just my husband and me, but we all love to decorate them. Off to bless my basket. Happy Easter to you, and that's a wonderful idea, maybe it's time for a road trip, I'm second generation.

  4. I love colouring Easter Eggs and when I discovered the Ukrainian sleeves, I was in 7th heaven! All the beauty and none of the work! Easter blessings to you and your family.

  5. Happy Colorful Easter! Love all the artful eggs...and blessings to come later in the day with family and friends!