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Monday, July 12, 2010



I thought of this saying once I heard when I was small........'when life gives you lemons, drink lemonade'. As a lil' kid I don't think that I totally understood this, but drank the lemonade hoping that all will be well. I probably fell and hurt my knee or something.
Did you ever run a Lemonde stand as a kid? We did with some neighbourhood kids, but I remember Gillian the girl from across the street making Kool Aid lemonade........it sure tasted good on a hot summer day. Even now when I hit the Yard Sales early on Saturday mornings some kids set up their lil' stands selling Lemonade.......it brings back memories.

I got this recipe from this Gal on a Foodie Forum that I belong too........ever since she gave me the recipe that I requested I've made it a million times. So refreshing and delish on a hot and humid day.


3 lemons
1/2 cup orange juice
1 cup sugar
8 cups water

Squeeze the juice from the lemons, and add to a large pitcher. Straining the lemon juice to make sure there will be no seeds.

Add the orange juice, sugar and water and mix well..............and now you can enjoy this refreshing drink.

Notes***** Sometimes I add 4 lemons, depending on the size of them.
Instead of orange juice I substitue for peach juice.
For sugar I adjust the amounts sometimes and use Splenda if I want sugarless.

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