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Monday, February 11, 2013

Wishing Tree

This is a "Wishing Tree' in Turkey......it has all the BLUE Turkish Evil Eyes' hanging off the branches. 

Some girls like to make a wish and hang a Blue Evil Eye up on the branches to wish for some love of their life to get married to.

Others just make a wish for something better and what matters most in their lives......only wishing.

Today I'm linking to  smillingsally.blogspot.com  for "BLUE MONDAY"


  1. How interesting and what a beautiful tree. I recently read the Messenger of Athens and the evil eye was mentioned, I guess this is some old folk lore even in the Euro countries. Have a Blue Monday, well a pretty blue.

    1. Thanks Irene....That Turkish Blue Evil Eye is EVERYWHERE all over Turkey. Every home has one hanging someplace and they sell them in different forms like jewellery, ornaments, etc....in almost all stores. It's a great tourist thingy. :-)I don't now anyone who has yet visited Turkey and not come home without a Turkish Blue Evil Eye.

  2. What an interesting tree. Did you hang an evil eye? Beautiful blue sky. Yes, we got the same snow storm here, but today it's raining.

  3. It does look really beautiful. Jx

  4. Thanks for sharing these Turkish blues. I've missed you!

    Happy Blue Monday, Erica.

  5. I have a couple of these evil eyes from Greece, when I was decluttering I didn't dare get rid of them!

  6. INteresting. I see a lot of wishes there.

  7. Very interesting Blue Monday. Thanks for coming by and visiting. I am following you now. I love your I love buttons. My Daisy and I want to see more of your doggie's.
    Come by and visit again.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  8. Hi Erica, I'm glad you're back.